Product Summary

The SKM400GAR128DE is a SPT IGBT module. Applications are (1)AC inverter drivers; (2)UPS; (3)Electronic welders at fsw up to 20KHz.


SKM400GAR128DE absolute maximum ratings: (1)On the conditions of Tj=25℃, VCES: 1200V; (2)On the conditions of Tj=150℃, Tc=25℃, IC: 565A; On the conditions of Tj=150℃, Tc=80℃, IC: 400A; (3)On the conditions of ICRM=2×lcnom, ICRM: 600A; (4)VGES: ±20V; (5)conditions of VCC=600V; VGE≤20V; Tj=125℃, VCES<1200V, tpsc: 10μs; (6)It(RMS): 500A; (7)Tvj: -40 to +150℃; (8)Tstg: -40 to +125℃; (9)Visol: 4000V.


SKM400GAR128DE features: (1)SPT=soft-punch-through technology; (2)VCEsat with positive temperature coefficient; (3)High short circuit capability, self limiting to 6 × IC.


SKM400GAR128DE pin connection