Product Summary

The SKM300GAR126D is an IGBT module. The applications of the SKM300GAR126D include Switching (not for linear use), AC inverter drives, UPS.


SKM300GAR126D absolute maximum ratings: (1)VCES: 1200V; (2)IC: 300(220)A; (3)ICRM tp=1ms: 400A; (4)VGES: ±20V; (5)Tvj, (Tstg): -40℃ to +150℃ (125℃); (6)Visol: 2500V.


SKM300GAR126D features: (1)MOS input; (2)N channel, Homogeneous Si; (3)Low inductance case; (4)Very low tail current with low temperature dependence; (5)High Short circuit capability, self limiting to 6×I; (6)Latch-up free; (7)Fast & soft inverse CAL diode; (8)Isolated copper Baseplate using DCB Direct Copper Bonding Technology; (9)Large clearance (12mm) and creepage distance (20mm).


SKM300GAR126D pin connection