Product Summary

The MG90V2YS40 is an N channel IGBT.


MG90V2YS40 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Collector-emitter voltage, VCEEA: 1700V; (2)Gate-emitter voltage, VGES: ±20V; (3)Collector current, dc, IC: 90A; 1ms, ICP: 180A; (4)Forward current, dc, IF: 90A; 1ms, IFM: 180A; (5)Collector power dissipation, PC: 1100W; (6)Junction temperature, TJ: 150℃; (7)Storage temperature, TSTG: -40 to 125℃; (8)Isolation voltage, Visol: 4000V; (9)Screw torque: 3/3N·m.


MG90V2YS40 features: (1)The electrodes are isolated from case; (2)High input impedance; (3)Includes a complete half bridge in one package; (4)Enchancement-mode; (5)High speed: tf=1.5μs; trr=0.3μs.


MG90V2YS40 pin connection