Product Summary

The 2DI30D-050A is a Power Transistor Module. The applications of the 2DI30D-050A include High Power Switching, A.C Motor Controls, D.C Motor Controls, and Uninterruptible Power Supply.


2DI30D-050A absolute maximum ratings: (1)VCBO: 600 V; (2)VCEO: 600 V; (3)VEBO: 7 V; (4)IC: 30 A; (5)ICP: 60 A; (6)PC: 250 W; (7)Tj: +150 ℃; (8)Tstg: -40 to +125 ℃.


2DI30D-050A features: (1) Including Free Wheeling Diode; (2) High DC Current Gain; (3) Insulated Type.


2DI30D-050A dimension