Product Summary

The mg1002q2ys42 is a Toshiba GTR module silicon N channel IGBT. Applications of the mg1002q2ys42 include: high power switching and motor control.


mg1002q2ys42 absolute maximum ratings: (1) collector-emitter VCES: 1200V; (2) gate-emitter voltage VGES: ±20V; (3) collector current DC IC: 100A, ICP: 200A (1ms) ; (4) Forward current DC IF: 100A, IFM: 200A (1ms) ; (5) collector power dissipation (Tc=25°C) PC: 700W; (6) Junction temperature range Tj: 150°C; (7) storage temperature range Tstg: -40 to 125°C; (8) Isolation voltage VIsol: 2500V (AC 1 minitue) .


mg1002q2ys42 features: (1) high input impedance; (2) high speed: tf=0.5μs (Max.) , trr=0.5μs (Max.) ; (3) low saturation voltage: VCE (sat) =4V (Max.) ; (4) enchancement-mode; (5) includes a complete half bridge in one package; (6) the electrodes are isolated from case.


MG100Q2YS42 equivalent circuit