Product Summary

The 2MBI75J-120 is an IGBT module. The applications of the device include high power switching, A.C. motor controls, D.C. motor controls, uninterruptible power supply.


2MBI75J-120 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Collector-emitter Voltage, VCES: 1200 V; (2)Gate -emitter Voltage VGES: ± 20 V; (3)collector current, continuous, IC: 75A; 1ms, IC PULSE: 150A; continuous. -IC: 75A; 1ms, -IC PULSE: 150A; (4)Max. power dissipation, PC: 320 W; (5)Operating temperature, Tj: +150℃; (6)Storage temperature, Tstg: -40 to +125℃; (7)Isolation voltage A.C. 1min, Vis: 2500 V.


2MBI75J-120 features: (1)Square RBSOA; (2)Low saturation voltage; (3)Less total power dissipation; (4)Improved FWD characteristic; (5)Minimized internal stray inductance; (6)Overcurrent limiting function (~3 times rated current).


2MBI75J-120 pin connection