Product Summary

The MP1026EF is a CCFL Driver IC that offers a complete solution for driving a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL). This Power IC converts unregulated DC voltage to a nearly pure sine wave required to ignite and operate the CCFL. The MP1026EF greatly increases power conversion efficiency and supports both analog and burst mode dimming, simplifying the module implementation. The applications of the MP1026EF include Portable DVD Players, PDAs, Camcorders, Digital Cameras.


MP1026EF features: (1)4.5V to 14V Power Input (VBatt); (2)Increase Transformer Reliability; (3)Open Lamp Timer and Regulation; (4)Current and Voltage Feedback Control; (5)Logic Level Burst Mode Control; (6)Supports Open/Short Lamp Protection; (7)Soft-Start; (8)Outputs are Short Circuit Protected; (9)Allows Burst-Mode Operation; (10)Improved Line Transient Response; (11)Tightened Lamp Current Accuracy.


MP1026EF block diagram