Product Summary

The 2MBI50J-140 is an IGBT module. Applications are (1)General purpose inverter; (2)AC and DC servo drive amplifier; (3)Uninterruptible power supply.


2MBI50J-140 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Collector-emitter voltage VCES: 1400 V; (2)Gate-emitter voltage VGES: ±20 V; (3)Collector current IC continuous Tc=25 °C: 75 A, Tc=80 °C: 50 A, ICp 1ms Tc=25 °C: 150 A, Tc=80 °C: 100 A, -IC: 50 A, -IC pulse: 100 A; (4)Collector power dissipation PC: 400 W; (5)Junction temperature Tj: +150 °C; (6)Storage temperature Tstg: -40 to +125 °C; (7)Isolation voltage between terminal and copper base 1 Viso: 2500 VAC; (8)Screw torque mounting 2: 3.5 N·m, terminals 2: 3.5 N·m.


2MBI50J-140 features: (1)Small temperature dependence of the turn-off switching loss; (2)Easy to connect in parallel; (3)Wide RBSOA (square up to 2 time of rated current)and high shortcircuit withstand capability; (4)Low loss and soft-switching (reduction of EMI noise).


2MBI50J-140 pin connection