Product Summary

The VI-2W4-EU is a Vicors first generation of zero-current-switching component-level DC-DC converter. Operating at frequencies up to 2 MHz, the VI-2W4-EU offers exceptional power density, efficiency, noise performance, reliability and ease of use. Power Boosters provide a simple, cost effective, off-the-shelf solution for higher power output requirements. One or more boosters may be used to create synchronous arrays capable of supplying several kilowatts of output power.


VI-2W4-EU absolute maximum ratings: (1)No load power dissipation: 1.35 to 2 Watts; (2)Output ripple - pp: 150 mV; (3)Thermal shutdown: 90 to 105°C; (4)Gate in low current: 6 mA.


VI-2W4-EU features: (1)Up to 50W/Cubic Inch; (2)UL, CSA, TV, VDE, BABT, AUSTEL; (3)Up to 90% Efficiency; (4)Size: 4.6" x 2.4" x 0.5" (116,8 x 61,0 x 12,7); (5)Remote Sense and Current Limit; (6)OVP, Thermal Shutdown; (7)Logic Disable; (8)Wide Range Output Adjust; (9)Compatible Power Booster Modules; (10)ZCS Power Architecture; (11)Low Noise FM Control; (12)CE Marked.


VI-2W4-EU pin connection