Product Summary

The MBI6655 is a step-down,high efficiency, 1A LED driver. The MBI6655 is designed to deliver constant current to light up high power LED with minimum 5 external components. With hysteretic PFM control scheme, the MBI6655 eliminates external compensation design and simlifies the PCB design. The applications of the MBI6655 include signage and decorative LED lighting, high power LED lighting, and constant current source.


MBI6655 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Supply voltage: 0 to 40V; (2)Output current: 1.2A; (3)Sustaining voltage at SW pin: 1.2A; (4)GND Terminal Current: 1.2A; (5)Power dissipation: 3.13W; (6)Operating Juntion temperating: 125℃; (7)Operating temperature: -40 to 85℃; (8)Storage temperature: -55 to 150℃.


MBI6655 features: (1)Maximum 1A constant output current; (2)97% efficiency@input voltage 12V, 350mA, 3-LED; (3)6 to 36V input voltage range; (4)Hysteretic PFM eliminates external compensation design; (5)Settable constant output current; (6)Integrated power switch with 0.3ohm low Rds(on); (7)Full protections; (8)Only 5 external components required.


MBI6655 block diagram