Product Summary

The AM50-0006TR is a Low Noise Amplifier. The AM50-0002 is a high performance GaAs MMIC low noise amplifier in a low cost SOIC 8 Lead surface mount plastic package. The AM50-0002 employs a monolithic 3-stage self-bias design and a simple external matching network to obtain minimum noise figure. The AM50-0006TR is ideally suited for use where low noise figure, high gain, high dynamic range and low power consumption are required. Typical applications include receiver front ends in the Global Positioning System (GPS) market, as well as standard gain blocks, buffer amps, driver amps, and IF amps in both fixed and portable systems. The AM50-0006TR is fabricated using a mature 0.5-micron gate length GaAs process. The process features full passivation for increased performance reliability.


AM50-0006TR absolute maximum ratings: (1)VDD: +10 VDC; (2)Input Power: +17 dBm; (3)Channel Temperature: +150 ℃; (4)Operating Temperature: -40 ℃ to +85 ℃; (5)Storage Temperature: -65 ℃ to +150 ℃.


AM50-0006TR features: (1)Low Noise Figure: 1.15 dB; (2)High Gain: 27 dB; (3)Low Power Consumption: 5V, 20 mA; (4)High Dynamic Range; (5)Low Cost SOIC-8 Lead Package.


AM50-0006TR dimension